Now Hiring - Section Grower

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Now Hiring - Section Grower
Join our team as a Section Grower - apply online now!


The Section Grower is responsible for producing, protecting and maintaining a quality, profitable product for the company and for planning, organizing and coordinating the day-to-day activities of a specific growing operation.

Job responsibilities include:

(1) Plant Growing & Production. Responsible for the cultural and growing requirements of a specific growing area (Annuals & Shrub Section Grower, or IMPACTS &  PRO #1 Perennials, Peonies Section Grower) including hands-on practice with and supervising Assistant Growers and Growing Coordinators to execute watering, pruning, moving, weeding, fertilizing, spacing, spraying, covering greenhouses, cutting, sticking, dividing, seeding, transplanting and other propagation, production and plant care tasks in assigned greenhouses, nursery and shade-hut areas. Responsible for ensuring the company has quality products to sell to customers.

(2) Plant Maintenance & Protection. Responsible for plant protection and pest/disease management in assigned growing operations area, including scouting, identifying pest problems, formulating control strategies, safe application of chemical controls (spraying/drenching/etc), training team members in pesticide safety, and all relevant safety recordkeeping tasks. 

(3) Availability Management. Updates crop status using SBI Growing Software program, including monitoring and updating ready dates, updating comments for crop status, assigning crop heights for proper order pulling/rack configuration and updating grades, and performing walk-arounds throughout the nursery to create an accurate Availability List that is broadcast to our customers throughout the year.

(4) Inventory Accuracy. Responsible for inventory of assigned crops and hard goods (e.g., tags, chemicals, etc.).  Crop inventory management includes making inventory adjustments of assigned crops as needed in SBI Growing Software when moving, dumping, assigning loss %, or otherwise modifying crop inventory quantities. Compiles quarterly inventory counts, monitors crop status and submits crop photos and counts for claim submission.

(5) Production Planning.  Prepares and plans future production numbers needed for different seasons/crop cycles. In collaboration with Growing Operations Manager, builds a production plan including varieties, rotations, and potting weeks as needed. Propagation Section Grower secures all seed, tray, and material needs and is responsible for collecting needed stock plant material.

(6) Staff Training & Development. Directs, trains and develops Assistant Growers, Growing Coordinators and staff to ensure successful and consistent growing operation results for Millcreek Gardens’ customers.

 (7) Facilities Assistance.  In collaboration with Assistant Growers, tests nursery water to ensure proper pH, alkalinity, and sulfuric acid rate; inspects and repairs miscellaneous irrigation, and hooks up and checks heaters. Performs general facilities maintenance tasks as they are encountered and/or submits maintenance requests for large problem items in assigned areas.

(8) New Plant Development:  Evaluates new plants for introduction into our plant offerings, includes attending appropriate seminars, reading publications, traveling to trial gardens and obtaining and growing new plants that could benefit Millcreek’s business.


  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience: Minimum 1+ years’ experience in a Growing position with similar duties.
  • Technology: Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Keep,   relevant translating apps, and SBI Growing Software (or similar growing software program).


Interested candidates should complete Millcreek’s
Full-time Employment Application  here.

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Entry Level Seasonal Nursery Worker – which includes the following responsibilities:

  • Growing Support: Carry out the cultural and growing requirements of specific growing department at the direction of the Section Grower. Tasks may include cutting, sticking, dividing, seeding, transplanting, watering, pruning, carrying, moving/spacing plants, weeding, labeling, dumping plants, covering/uncovering plants, and other growing and maintenance tasks for plants in the greenhouses and nursery, selected poly-hut/shade-hut areas and other assigned areas. Ensures work processes are followed and are current and accurate. Handles day-to-day work challenges and allocates time effectively, properly prioritizing job demands. Performs job duties in a thorough and dependable manner.
  • Order Pulling: Supports order handling process throughout the shipping season by selecting plants from greenhouses, nursery areas, selected poly-hut/shade-hut areas and other assigned areas, to stock the Supermarket. Tasks include working on pulling crew, reading a Master Pull report to determine which plants to pull from designated locations, selecting, carrying, and loading plants appropriately onto nursery racks, dropping racks off to the Supermarket, and passing on Master Pull reports to the Shipping Department. Prioritizes workload to maximize productivity.
  • Operational Assistance: Ensures the cleanliness and organization of the growing area, including daily cleaning within areas worked, maintenance and storage of tools and equipment, stocking necessary supplies, returning plants to proper locations and maintaining a neat and orderly appearance of the area.

Our company, customer base, and our convenient location:

53_MCG_1015Millcreek is a wholesale grower committed to supplying high-quality container-grown perennials, herbs, ornamental grasses, annuals and shrubs. We have a wonderful team of people who work hard every day to supply a top notch product to our customers, who include independent retail garden centers, farm markets, landscapers, municipalities, and public horticulture entities. We are located in Ostrander, Ohio, just 10 minutes north of Dublin and 30 minutes north of the O.S.U. campus. We are within a brief commute from many of the Columbus suburbs including Powell, Marysville, Delaware and the growing area of Jerome Village. 

What we produce and how we do it:

Each year, we produce more than one million finished plants in facilities that include over 95 greenhouses covering 192,000 square feet. In addition, our Propagation Department produces over 700,000 starter plants per year. We are equipped with a 3,200 square foot automated Production Facility with two transplanting lines to maximize efficiency in our plant production. We began using our newly built Shipping Facility in the Spring 2020.