Popular Plant Questions

Yes, we have a Custom Growing program. If you are interested in learning more about it, click here.

While we do grow a small number of native species, we grow a larger number of named cultivars of native species.

You bet! We maintain plant inventory 12 months of the year, however, our selection varies depending on the season.

While plug trays aren’t something we grow and sell as a part of our current container lineup, we do grow them by request.  We offer a Custom Growing service based on quantities needed. If we can’t grow them, we may be able to bring them in from one of our many vendor partners we work with throughout the industry. 

Millcreek grows over 98% of the plant material we sell with the primary exception being ornamental grasses shipped in the Spring, which we bring in from vendor partners in warmer climates. 

We are not certified organic, however, we do try to only use pesticides that are approved by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). Additionally, our expert team of growers meticulously works to create the ideal environment to make sure our herbs are less prone to insects and diseases, so that pest controls are only used when needed. Our herbs are grown in greenhouses separate from other plants that are grown in more conventional means. We are happy to supply you with our list of materials used for growing if needed.

Millcreek Gardens uses products approved by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for use on our herb  plants. The OMRI publishes an extensive independent review of products intended for use in organic production, handling and processing. OMRI’s standards are based on the USDA’s National Organic Standards Program.

We offer a Custom Growing service based on quantities needed. The organic certification process is lengthy and more costly, but we’d be happy to have a conversation with you on your needs.

Our Millcreek guarantee is “Love our product or send it back.” If for any reason you are not satisfied with something upon arrival at your facility, the plant material can be returned with our driver. After delivery or pickup, all claims for any cause must be made within 5 days of delivery of stock. To expedite your claim, please include photos that support your claim, when possible. 

You can subscribe to our weekly Availability List, sent via email every Thursday, by contacting us.

Yes! We produce many items that will not appear on our current Availability for various reasons. These plants may be cut back, small or oversize on top, off center in the pot, or otherwise not considered “Retail Ready” in order to appear on our weekly Availability List. Typically in the summer and fall we also produce a separate Landscape Availability which would include the items just described. Landscape Professionals often purchase items from this Landscape Availability.  You may request specific items you are looking for anytime, and we’ll let you know their status!

Popular Ordering Questions

For orders to be delivered, we do have minimum order requirements based upon the distance from Millcreek to your location. Order minimum details are listed here. We do NOT have minimum orders for orders that will be picked up at our nursery.

We currently accept orders via email using our Excel Availability List. We plan to incorporate online ordering in the future – stay tuned!

The best way to submit your order is to complete our electronic Availability List, which is an Excel file, (or complete our Digital Order Form if you are submitting a Pre-Book Spring Order, also an Excel file) and email your order to us.

A Pre-Book Order is an order that you place with us to secure plant material for the upcoming Spring season. We accept these orders months in advance of your requested ship date – anywhere from September through mid-February of the season you wish to receive your plants. Most customers place an order for plants they would like to receive on their first shipment. After their initial shipment they order plants from our weekly Availability List for fresh weekly shipments. We do accept Pre-Book Orders with multiple ship dates. These are entered as individual orders, that will be delivered in their entirety on the dates you specify. Please complete our Digital Order Form (in Excel file format) and email your order to us to place your Pre-Book Order. More details on placing an order can be found here

It’s easy! Your order can be completed electronically using our Digital Order Form (in Excel file format). We ask that you complete one Digital Order Form for each date you would like to receive a shipment, then email your order to us. If you do not have Excel, you can FAX the Order Form to us using one Digital Order Form for each shipment.

Pre-Book Spring Orders must be placed by February 10, 2023. Of course, we welcome orders after this date by placing an order from our Availability List.

A 20% restocking fee will be charged to the customer account for cancellation of an order after the order has been processed (order picked, cleaned, labeled, loaded, etc.) and/or not picked up within 5 business days from the requested pick up date. 

Our Annuals, Herbs, and Perennials are grown in flats. If full flat quantities are not ordered in March, April and May only, there is a special handling charge of $.65 per pot to cover our additional labor. This charge also applies to our Pro #1 and IMPACT pots if ordered quantities are less than five pots of each variety during the same period of March, April, and May.

Yes, you can add on to your existing order from our current Availability so long as your order is shipping in the upcoming week. In other words, items can not be reserved from the Availability to ship several weeks into the future. Any add on items should be ordered by  8 am, at least 2 days prior to your scheduled delivery day. 

Our weekly Availability List shows what we have available for immediate shipment in the current week. While you may request plants for a future date, we cannot guarantee that we will have them available at a future ship date beyond the current week.
We love receiving your Pre-Book Spring orders as well as orders placed from our weekly Availability! We all acknowledge that we are growing living plants which can acquire diseases, insects, or experience a setback due to circumstances beyond our control. We also source plant material from outside vendors, when necessary, and we ourselves receive crop failure notifications from time to time. We do our best to communicate any crop shortages or failures to you in advance, and do apologize if you don’t receive every single item on your order, as that is our goal! Historically we average over 95% order fulfillment rates.
We will do all we can to get you plant material as quickly as possible. We ask for you to please work with us on when we are able to deliver your order. During peak season, we are often able to deliver on weekends.
During the months of March, April, and May, please allow 2 days from the time your order is placed until you arrive to pick them up. This allows us time to process, pick, and prepare your order during our action-packed Spring season. Other months of the year we can generally process orders in less than 2 days. Unscheduled walk-in customers may experience an extended wait during the busy Spring season.
Lead time will vary depending upon the item(s) on your Custom Grown order as well as the season in which you will need the plants. We do require a 50% deposit.

For new inquiries, the best means is to check our online Availability List which shows what we have available to ship in the current week. If you have an inquiry about an item on your Pre-Book Spring Order and you do not see the item on our current Availability List, please call or email us and we will be happy to check on the item for you. 

Payment terms are COD unless a credit account has been established. We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards. Payment by credit card is subject to a 3% credit card convenience fee.  To apply for credit, download our Credit Application here

Yes, we offer volume discounts per shipment based on dollar value. Orders over $1,500 receive a 2% discount. Orders over $3,000 receive a 4% discount.

Yes, we are happy to put together a quote for your needs. Please email us your list of plant material along with the date you will need to receive the plants. We will review your requests with our inventory and production plans and respond to you as quickly as we can!

Please call or email to arrange an appointment for in person shopping with us. This allows us to prepare for your visit and to have a team member available to assist you. 

Yes, we offer a Custom Pre-Pricing service for a nominal charge. You can choose between two sizes of stickers, each with different price points that are noted on our enrollment forms. You can find more info in our enrollment packet here

Popular Shipping Questions

Our Delivery Services charges are dependent upon the distance from Millcreek to your location. Details are listed here.

We are able to accommodate rack drops on a very limited basis. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of this service and whether or not if may fit your needs, please contact us.

Yes, we certainly deliver to job sites! All you need to do is specify the location is a job site, and the shipping address of the location when you place your order.

While we don’t advertise that we ship beyond a 250 mile radius of our nursery, we are open to finding creative ways to get plant material to you. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more. 

Currently, we only ship on our own trucks and do not ship via UPS or FedEx.

About Millcreek Gardens

Ostrander is located 30 minutes northwest of Columbus, OH. We are conveniently located North of US Rt. 42, in between Dublin and Delaware.

No, we do not sell to any big box stores. Our customer base includes Independent Garden Centers, Landscapers, Farm Markets, Municipalities, Golf Courses, Schools and Universities, and the like.

We currently offer a POP Signage bundle of plant lists as well as Kitchen Essentials Marketing kit for our herbs. Contact us for details.

Our catalog is available online in a digital flipbook format only. You can print the entire book (or just select pages) from within the flipbook. It is located here

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