Specialty Products

Millcreek Specialty Products

One of the many strengths of the Millcreek team is growing and providing specialty products for our customers!

Decorative Planters

    Are you looking for colorful planters, tabletop gardens, or hanging baskets that arrive ready for your customers to purchase and take home?

2024 offerings:

  • 8″ Annual Combo Pot – grown in black round mum pans. Various color and plant combos intended for easy transplant into larger containers.
  • PRO #1 Proven Winners Annual Combo planters – grown in a white Proven Winners PRO #1 container and available in various color and plant combinations intended for easy transplant into larger containers. 
  • 8.5″ Square Decorative Planters with textured sides in the color Greystone. Instant color available in early April.
  • 12″ Oval Pansy Planters in white Birch. Early season color will be available beginning early March.
  • 12″ Round Planters in the color Aged Cappucino. Colorful annual planters available in late April.
  • 16″ Round Decorative Planters in the color Brushed Champagne. Mixed geranium planters available beginning in early May.
  • 10″ Hanging Baskets of Pansys available in early March and other color and plant combinations available in early May
  • 12″ Hanging Baskets in numerous color and plant combinations available beginning in late April. 


We have expanded our Succulent line and now offer Mixed Trays of 28 Succulents in 2″ pots

Our succulents are also available in:

  • 3.5″ pots – 12/flat
  • 4.5″ pots – 10/flat
  • Succulent Trio Tray – 3, 4.5″ containers snap to the decorative tray

Contact sales at 800-948-1234 or check out our availability list to order.

Succulents are wonderful for outdoor containers, mixed planters, and as houseplants. They provide wonderful color and texture. Full sun is generally preferred and plants only need occasional watering once established.

To see our current varieties check out our Availability List and our online catalog.

Need some succulent planting inspiration? Then check out our Succulent Pinterest Board.

POP Signage

Let us help you sell more plants in your Garden Center this year!

Our POP package includes 12 colorful signs to educate your customers and help them find the plants that meet their needs. Your logo will be placed on each sign.

Our Signage is available in two size packages:

  • 22″ x 28″ signs – Get 6 large format signs for $179, or the full set of 12 for just $269 + shipping (when applicable)
  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ signs – Get 12 signs for $169 +shipping (when applicable)

Our 12 signs include:

  • Culinary Herbs
  • Deer Resistant Perennials
  • Drought Tolerant Perennials
  • Fun Plants for Kids
  • Herbs with Edible Flowers
  • Native Perennials
  • Perennials for Cut Flowers
  • Perennials & Grasses for Rain Gardens
  • Perennials for Hummingbird Gardens
  • Perennials for Miniature Gardens
  • Perennials with Fragrant Flowers
  • Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Contact our Sales Team at 800-948-1234 or sales@millcreekplants.com  to order.

Orders must be placed by February 23, 2024.

Kitchen Essentials

Are your customers feeling overwhelmed about the herb selection process?

Our large signage will help you promote the ease of selection of Herbs for the Kitchen Essentials 6-Pack and includes a space for you to put your pricing or other information.

Our brochure contains information about the top culinary herbs as well as tips, recipes, and flavor suggestions. It’s perfect for those shoppers who are new to herbs or even those who want to learn more.

Our 6-pack trays fit our 3″ herb pots with an easy-to-carry handle making it easy for customers to just grab ‘n go!

Kitchen Essentials Starter Package #1 Contains:

  • Large 22″ x 28″ Coraplast Sign 
  • 50 herb brochures
  • 12 trays
  • 12 handles

* We recommend ordering 12 flats of Millcreek quality herbs with this package.

Kitchen Essentials Starter Package #2 Contains:

  • Large 22″ x 28″ Coraplast Sign
  • 100 herb brochures
  • 25 trays
  • 25 handles

* We recommend ordering 25 flats of Millcreek quality herbs with this package.

To order, check our our weekly Availability List or contact our Sales Team at (800) 948-1234 or sales@millcreekplants.com