Congrats to Levi, our new Section Grower of Annuals & Shrubs

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Congrats to Levi, our new Section Grower of Annuals & Shrubs

Big Congratulations to Levi Coleman on His Well-Deserved Promotion!

Join us in celebrating Levi’s remarkable journey at Millcreek! From his beginnings as the Assistant Grower of IMPACT, PRO#1 Perennials, and Peonies in March 2023 to his recent promotion as Section Grower of Annuals and Shrubs in September 2023, Levi has shown unwavering dedication and passion for horticulture.

Levi’s journey to the world of plants began after years in the manufacturing industry, but it was in 2019 when he truly discovered his fascination for plant life while overseeing greenhouse operations for a hemp/CBD startup. His unique blend of manufacturing and automation skills, combined with his love for sustainability, makes him a true innovator in our team.

With a boundless enthusiasm for learning, Levi is not only a valuable asset to Millcreek but also a passionate advocate for high-quality plants and sustainable practices. Beyond work, he enjoys diving into the world of computer science, following competitive sports, and embracing the great outdoors.

We’re excited to see Levi thrive in his new role as Section Grower of Annuals and Shrubs, bringing fresh energy, innovative ideas, and a strong work ethic to lead our team. Congratulations, Levi!