Fall Annuals Line Up

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Fall Annuals Line Up

Fall Annuals From Millcreek Gardens

Starting in Late August, we’ll have new rotations of Fall Annuals ready! Our 8” Mums will be available starting in August too!  Items will be added to our Weekly Availability List as they become available.

Available Late August:

12” Decorative Containers

  • CELOSIA Intenz™ Classic PP23076
  • RUDBECKIA h. Sunbeckia® Carolina
  • RUDBECKIA h. Sunbeckia® Mia
  • RUDBECKIA h. Sunbeckia® Ophelia

Available Late August:

12” Hanging Baskets 


Available Late August/Early September:

4.5” Pots 

  • ASTER n.b. Henry™ I Pink
  • ASTER n.b. Henry™ I Purple
  • CELOSIA Twisted™ Orange
  • CELOSIA Twisted™ Red Currant
  • CELOSIA Twisted™ Yellow
  • DICHONDRA Silver Falls™
  • LYSIMACHIA num. Goldilocks
  • MARIGOLD Durango® Orange
  • MARIGOLD Durango® Red
  • MARIGOLD Durango® Yellow

4.5” Proven Winners Pots

  • IPOMOEA Illusion® Midnight Lace PP21743
  • IPOMOEA Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight™ PP29858
  • IPOMOEA Sweet Caroline Red Hawk™ PPAF
  • SEDUM Lemon Coral®

6” Pots  

  • CELOSIA Intenz™ Classic PP23076
  • CELOSIA Kelos® Fire Orange
  • CELOSIA Kelos® Fire Red
  • CELOSIA Kelos® Fire Yellow
  • Grass-PENNISETUM s. Rubrum
  • MILLET, Copper Prince
  • MILLET, Jade Princess

Available Early September:

8” Pots 

  • Cabbage
    • CABBAGE, Osaka Red
    • CABBAGE, Osaka Pink
    • CABBAGE, Osaka White
  • Kale
    • KALE, Pigeon™ Purple
    • KALE, Pigeon™ Victoria Pink
    • KALE, Pigeon™ White
    • KALE, Redbor
    • KALE, Winterbor

Our Chrysanthemums in 8” Pots will be available August through Early October:


  • Arlette™ Purple
  • Brittany™ Yellow
  • Danielle™ Red PPAF
  • Gigi™ Orange PPAF
  • Gigi™ Gold PPAF
  • Keeley™ Orange
  • Michelle™ Gold PP17439
  • Beverly™ Orange
  • Chelsey™ Yellow PPAF
  • Poppin Purple PPAF
  • Selena™ Red
  • Starburst White PP20473
  • Zuma Orange
  • Conaco Orange
  • Conaco Yellow
  • Copper Coin Bronze PP29449
  • Cynthia™ Scarlet PPAF
  • Sundance Yellow PP21163
  • Wicked Purple PPAF