Herbs Ready Now! 

We grow over 120 varieties of Herbs at Millcreek Gardens. Imagine having fresh herbs for your kitchen anytime you need them! Anyone can grow an herb garden whether you have a large garden spot or just patio space for container herbs. 

Annuals-A few varieties of Dahlia and Petunias are now available. New items will be added each week!  Our 3in Pansies are now on sale!

Herbs- We have a great selection of Garlic Chives, Mint (lots of flavors!), Parsley, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme ready now.

Perennials- Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox) is showing vibrant color and is available in Quart & PRO sizes and many color variations! Our Phlox hybrid ‘Paparazzi™’ is in full bloom too. Other plants in bud and bloom right now are Aquilegia, Brunnera, Dianthus, Geum, Iberis, Salvia and Tiarella. Our Paeonia crop has buds as well. Don’t forget about our beautiful hostas, ferns and grasses to bring some nice foliage color and texture to your landscapes.

Proven Winner Perennials- Hydrangea ‘Limelight’, Sedum ‘Lemonjade’ and ‘Pure Joy’ will be sure to be popular with your customers. Our Proven Winners are grown in our Impact pots.

Succulents- Some new crops have been added to the availability. Perfect for those Pinterest projects!

Be sure to look at all the categories of plants on our Availability! You will find many plants under their branded programs, so Proven Winner® Perennials are in the Proven Winner category section of our Availability, after the Perennial section. And check out our other categories including Herbs, Vines, and Shrubs!

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Download the document, enter quantities you wish to order, save the document and email it back to us at sales@millcreekplants.com.

DID YOU KNOW? As you build your order in the excel document your order value and number of units ordered will be calculated for you at the top of the document? (Applicable discounts and freight are not reflected in the total).

Plants are grouped by CATEGORY (Annual, Herb, Edible, Perennial, etc), then BOTANICAL NAME and SIZE. (ex: within Perennials you will see Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam” listed together, showing all sizes and quantities available). Please note, our online Availability does not display pricing information. To request an Availability List that includes pricing, please contact us!

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phlox paparazzi angelina_quart geum_mango lassi_impact  ajuga_chocolate chip_quart
Phlox ‘Paparazzi Angelina’ - Quart Geum ‘Mango Lassi’ - Impact Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’ – Quart
papaver_champagne bubbles_pro salvia_viola klose_newsletter  salvia_snowhill_impact
Papaver ‘Champagne Bubbles’ - PRO Salvia ‘Viola Klose’ - Impact Salvia ‘Snowhill’ – Impact
fern_autumn brilliance_impact curled parsley_3in  creeping phlox_snowflake_quart
Fern ‘Autumn Brilliance’ – Impact Curled Parsely – Quart Phlox subulata ‘Snowflake’ – Quart
Hosta June brunnera silver heart  brunnera sea heart
Hosta ‘June’ – Pro Brunnera ‘Silver Heart’ – Impact Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’ – Impact
tiarella spring symphony phlox subulata snowflake  phlox subulata_emerald pink_pro
Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ – IMPACT Phlox subulata ‘Snowflake’ – PRO Phlox subulata ‘Emerald Pink’ – PRO
bergenia pink dragonfly
Pansy Delta Pure Rose – 3.5″ Barbecue Rosemary – Quart Herb Bergenia ‘Pink Dragonfly – IMPACT
Nepeta ‘Cat’s Meow’ – IMPACT Proven Winner Dicentra – Pro Armeria ‘Victor Reiter’ – 1-Quart