Sale on Stargazer Lilies and Rhubarb

Our Stargazer Lilies will bring you amazing color for your customers for a great price. Our Echinacea crops are full of color too, just ask our experts if you are looking for a specific color. Starting to plan for 2019? We do custom grows too!


Herbs– Rhubarb on sale!

Perennials– Quart Stargazer Lilies on sale! They are filled with buds and ready to burst with beautiful color for your shelves. Many other items in bud and bloom too like Echinacea, Gaillardia, Nepeta, Phlox and more.

Shrubs– Buddleia are blooming and our Caryopteris are budded! We also have a great selection of evergreen shrubs too.

Proven Winner Perennials– Echinacea, Hibiscus, Leucanthemum, Salvia, and Veronica in bud and bloom.

Proven Winner Shrubs– Our Buddleia, Hydrangea and Rosa are blooming!

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Plants are grouped by CATEGORY (Annual, Herb, Perennial, etc), then BOTANICAL NAME and SIZE. (ex: within Perennials you will see Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam” listed together, showing all sizes and quantities available). Please note, our online Availability does not display pricing information. To request an Availability List that includes pricing, please contact us!

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Quart Stargazer Lily on Sale Impact Echinacea Delicious Candy Quart Astilbe Deutschland

Impact Echinacea Cleopatra

3 Gal PW Hydrangea Fire Light PRO #1 Echinacea Pow Wow White Quart Phlox Flame Pink

Impact PW Echinacea Lakota Santa Fe

3 Gal PW Buddleia Blue Chip Jr. Impact Heucherella Honey Rose Impact PW Heuchera Black Pearl

Impact PW Leucanthemum Banana Cream

PRO #1 Achillea Moonshine Quart Achillea Pink Grapefruit PW Heliopsis Tuscan Gold

3 Gal PW Buddlea Pugster

Quart Sempervivum Green Wheel 3″ Santolina Green 3 Gal PW Rhamnus Fine Line

Impact Heuchera Caramel

3 Gal PW Clethra Vanilla Spice Impact Rhubarb Victoria 3 Gal PW Shrubs

PRO #1
Liriope Big Blue

3 Gal PW Spirea Double Play Red Impact Sedum Sunsparkler Firecracker Quart
Fern Japanese Painted

4.5″ Sedum nussbaumerianum

Plenty of Heuchera varieties and colors!

3 Gallon Proven Winner Shrubs