Welcome to the 2018 Spring Selling Season!

The recent days have been cold, but the good news is that we have been seeing more of the sun at Millcreek! The sunnier days have brought more blooms to our crops. Warm weather is just around the corner and people can’t wait to get outside to tend to their gardens. Don’t see what you need? Ask one of our experts and we can always make a recommendation!


Annuals– Lots of buds on our Pansy Crop! Available in 3.5 in pots, 12/flat.

Herbs– Bay Trees, Rosemary, Thyme and Chives are ready to go! Prepare your Easter dinner with fresh herbs.

Perennials– Helleborus (Lenten Rose) give us one of the earliest signs of spring and we love them! Tons of buds on our Aquilegia crop in quart pots. Ajuga, Arabis, Iberis, Papaver, Phlox subulata in bud and bloom too. Healthy and full plants of landscape staples such as Sedum, Grasses and Nepeta too.

Proven Winner Perennials– Lots of new varieties for 2018! We can’t wait to see all of these in bloom.

Succulents– We are now carrying our succulents in a 3.5in pot, 12/flat along with our 4.5in round pots, 10/flat. Our custom grows for succulents have become very popular especially with customers offering succulent workshops. Contact us to learn more.

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When you click ORDER NOW, the availability document will download to your computer. Next, enter quantities you wish to order, save the document and email it back to us at sales@millcreekplants.com. That’s it!

DID YOU KNOW? As you build your order in the excel document your order value and number of units ordered will be calculated for you at the top of the document? (Applicable discounts and freight are not reflected in the total).

Plants are grouped by CATEGORY (Annual, Herb, Perennial, etc), then BOTANICAL NAME and SIZE. (ex: within Perennials you will see Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam” listed together, showing all sizes and quantities available). Please note, our online Availability does not display pricing information. To request an Availability List that includes pricing, please contact us!

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Impact Sedum Autumn Fire Impact Nepeta Walker’s Low Impact Grass Blue Whiskers

Impact Centaurea Amethyst in Snow

Impact Helleborus Ivory Prince Impact Helleborus HCG Pink Frost PRO #1 Fern Autumn Brilliance

PRO #1 Iberis Snowflake

Impact Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash Impact Heuchera Miracle Quart Papaver Champagne Bubbles

Impact Fern Asian Saber

Quart Arabis Spring Charm Quart Aquilegia Salmon Rose Quart Aquilegia Winky Double Blue White