Kurt Dresback

Kurt Dresback

Shipping Technician
Address:15088 Smart Cole Road, Ostrander, Ohio 43061


Kurt joined Millcreek as a Seasonal Shipping Worker in early spring of 2019. His duties included cleaning and quality control of plants, loading them on racks, making sure plants were properly wrapped and secured on shipping racks, and loading them on to our trucks for transport. When not working in our shipping area he helped throughout the nursery with various plant maintenance tasks.

In January 2021, Kurt received full time status! With the introduction of our new RIO Shipping system, Kurt is responsible for building the shipping racks to be used to batch pull orders and also shop orders in our supermarket. He adds the correct amount of shelves and adjusts them according to the heights of the plants as needed.  When not in shipping, Kurt can be found in the nursery helping with plant maintenance. Kurt makes sure to keep everyone in good spirits and encourages his teammates daily.

Outside of work, Kurt enjoys binge watching Marvel movies, hiking, and making people laugh.