Diamond Sharp

Diamond Sharp

Assistant Grower - Quart Perennials, Herbs
Address:15088 Smart Cole Road, Ostrander, Ohio 43061


Diamond graduated from Ohio University in the summer of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Plant Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Biological Sciences. She recently joined the Millcreek family in the spring of 2023.

Diamond grew an interest in plants early on with the encouragement of her mother, Cheryl. She has worked with plants for fun since her preschool days and professionally in commercial growing for 6 years now after what started as a summer job to earn money for college after high school. She is always excited to learn and to teach when she has the opportunity. She strongly believes that learning is life-long and that even experts cannot know everything. She is very grateful for the people in her life that have been there to teach her and help her grow professionally and personally.

Outside of work, Diamond has many personal interests including: hiking, cooking, pottery making, painting, mentoring and volunteering. But her favorite thing in the world is being a mother to her baby boy, Ezra. He is the “best thing she has ever grown.” He is currently discovering how to navigate and communicate in his new world. He’s a plant and bug boy already, so they are having lots of fun. She is very excited to watch him learn, flourish and become himself.