Chelsea Komula

Chelsea Komula

Growing Coordinator
Address:15088 Smart Cole Road, Ostrander, Ohio 43061


Chelsea’s love of art, learning, and her attention to detail brought her into the horticulture industry.

Delighted at her prudence in the garden, her parents gave her sole responsibility over the landscape from the time she was in third grade. Each spring she would get to select the colors, species, and placement of the annuals that fit their budget.

Her passions were fostered furthermore as a student worker in field/nursery operations at the Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center at The Ohio State University.

Chelsea also worked at Franklin Park Conservatory in the butterfly exhibit as both a public speaker/educator and butterfly caretaker, where she established a working knowledge of worldwide butterfly species and behaviors, the environmental conditions they require, the growing need for forest protection, and common host plants that can be added into the garden locally.

Chelsea graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture at The Ohio State University where she majored in Sustainable Plant Systems with a specialization in horticulture and has since worked with her husband and school staff to initiate, establish, and seasonally maintain a children’s learning urban garden at Harambee Christian School in South Linden, Ohio, a low-income, low food security area in Columbus, Ohio.

Chelsea also has hands-on experience working as a fine gardener and landscaper in the New Albany area which has provided her with additional expertise as a Growing Coordinator here at Millcreek.