Now Hiring Full-Time Year-Round ~ Growing Coordinator

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Now Hiring Full-Time Year-Round ~ Growing Coordinator

We are currently hiring for Full-Time Year-Round!

Join our team full-time - Apply online now!

Join our crew and enjoy some great perks including:

  • Competitive Wages
  • Health and Life Insurance Benefits
  • Vision and Dental Benefits
  • SIMPLE IRA Retirement Benefit
  • Plant Discounts
  • Great Team Culture!

Growing Coordinator

Millcreek Gardens is hiring for our Growing Coordinator position. The Growing Coordinator, in collaboration with Growing Crew Leaders, is largely responsible for helping to organize, coordinate/plan and execute the day-to-day functions of the Growing operation.

Job responsibilities include:

(1) Plant Growing
Performs cultural and growing tasks required of the growing operation, with the goal of growing the highest quality plants. This includes watering, pruning, moving, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, covering, cutting, sticking, dividing, seeding, transplanting, cleaning used containers, and other production and maintenance tasks for plans in the greenhouses and nursery. Collaborates with Growing Crew Leaders to execute work plans that are based on daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal growing demands. Completes job duties alongside year-round and seasonal team members to meet departmental needs. 

(2) Inventory, Availability & Sales Support.
Provides direct support to Growers and/or Growing Crew Leaders with inventory management of plants as needed and assists with availability with appropriate training and experience. Assists with walk-ins and Customer Pick Up (CPU) orders as directed/needed, which includes acting as a designated shopper, helping customers with shopping plant selection, using a tablet to look up crop availability, creating written orders, and communicating effectively with the Office to maintain workflow from a sales perspective.

(3) Order Pulling & Shipping Support
Assists with order handling for plants as needed, utilizing crop knowledge/familiarity from the growing season to ensure Millcreek ships the highest quality plants to its customers. This includes leading as Head Picker of a pulling crew, pulling appropriate plant material for order fulfillment, communicating water or quality issues, substituting plant material on orders as needed, referring to individual order instructions and turning in appropriate paperwork to the Shipping Department. Supports and monitors pulling crews by directing, training and developing assigned team members to ensure successful process completion and consistent, high-quality product is prepared for Millcreek customers. Helps with plant cleaning and preparation, pre-pricing, and other shipping tasks,

 (4) Plant Maintenance & Protection.
Supports plant protection and pest management in the growing operations area, including scouting, identifying pest problems, herbicide application, pesticide safety training and all relevant safety record keeping tasks.  Ensures compliance with all applicable Federal/State/Local safety regulations.

(5) Additional. 
Effectively communicates, fosters teamwork, provides exemplary customer service, addresses changing business needs, and maintains professionalism at all times.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education:  High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Technology:  Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior Horticulture/Garden Industry experience
  • Language: Spanish proficiency and/or fluency 
Interested candidates should complete Millcreek’s
Full-Time Year-Round 
Employment Application 2022  here.

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Our company, customer base, and our convenient location:

53_MCG_1015Millcreek is a wholesale grower committed to supplying high-quality container-grown perennials, herbs, ornamental grasses, annuals and shrubs. We have a wonderful team of people who work hard every day to supply a top notch product to our customers, who include independent retail garden centers, farm markets, landscapers, municipalities, and public horticulture entities. We are located in Ostrander, Ohio, just 10 minutes north of Dublin and 30 minutes north of the O.S.U. campus. We are within a brief commute from many of the Columbus suburbs including Powell, Marysville, and Delaware.

What we produce and how we do it:

Each year, we produce more than one million finished plants in facilities that include over 95 greenhouses covering 192,000 square feet. In addition, our Propagation Department produces over 700,000 starter plants per year. We are equipped with a 3,200 square foot automated Production Facility with two transplanting lines to maximize efficiency in our plant production. We began using our newly built Shipping Facility in the Spring 2020.