Hiring Seasonal Delivery Drivers!

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Hiring Seasonal Delivery Drivers!

Millcreek Trucking, LLC is looking for 
friendly, dependable, and hardworking individuals
to join our team for the Spring 2023 season!

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Job Opportunity Available:

The Seasonal Shipping Delivery Driver Non-CDL is responsible for the safe, efficient and accurate delivery of plants to their destination while also providing excellent customer service and offloading services to Millcreek customers.

  • Complies with Company Requirements. Has a valid driver’s license and current USDOT medical card.  Dresses in a professional manner at all times.  Wears Company-issued attire or approved clothing that meets the Dress Code Policy at Millcreek Gardens LLC.  Refrains from smoking, chewing or using other tobacco products while on duty.  Does not drink alcoholic beverages within 12 hours of driving a company truck and refrains from the use of any drug (illegal or prescription) that could impact driving and overall work performance.  Submits to random non-DOT drug testing program as required and follows USDOT rules for working and logging Hours of Service.
  • Safe and Compliant Driving. Prior to departure, ensures proper documentation, directions and safety requirements have been met for specific truck.  Safely operates truck to deliver plants to destination by observing all speed limits and traffic laws and monitoring/complying with weight limits on all bridges and overhead clearances.  Prohibits passengers, other than Millcreek employees, in the truck at any time.  If any mechanical problem arises with the truck or unloading equipment, reports the issue immediately and resolves truck problems requiring roadside assistance.  Notifies Office prior to leaving with estimated arrival time back to Millcreek Gardens.  Fills fuel tank prior to return, parks truck in designated area, disarms and re-arms the Security System and locks the front gate prior to departure, and notes arrival time and mileage.  Removes keys, cleans inside of truck cab, locks doors and returns keys to key board in the Shipping Office.  Returns completed paperwork, fuel receipts, customer checks, etc. to the Shipping List mailbox, returns direction maps to the proper files at the Driver Desk and checks schedule for next delivery.
  • Proper Delivery, Effective Unloading of Product & Handling Customer Returns & Payments. Upon arrival at destination, sets the parking brake before exiting seat, notes arrival time/mileage and checks in with the Customer Representative.  Secures permission to unload and requests a specific unloading location.  If the customer provides assistance in unloading, ensures that the unloading process maintains the quality of plants.  When unloading, counts the number of flats and pots and compares with the Shipping List to ensure accuracy of delivery.  If there is any discrepancy of product, notes on the Shipping List and Driver Log.  Obtains signature of Customer Representative to acknowledge receipt of products listed.  Departs in truck only after straps and load bar are checked to ensure that the load is secure and doors are closed and latched.  Ensures overages of product are returned to Millcreek or sold to customers on the truckload.  If a customer returns plants upon delivery, fills out appropriate paperwork.  If a delivery is a COD (cash on delivery) shipment, obtains a valid and accurate check post-delivery.
  • Maintains Trays, Pots & Shipping Racks. Properly leaves, documents and retrieves Shipping Racks.  If the customer returns empty trays and pots to recycle, checks that they are the same trays/pots used at Millcreek Gardens.  Takes note of Rack Drop-Off/Pick-Up Forms in paperwork and picks-up/drops-off Shipping Racks at the destination as directed.
  • Provides Exemplary Customer Service. Maintains a professional, helpful and pleasant attitude when dealing with both internal and external customers.  When loading or unloading product, removes plants from the shelves carefully and serves as last point of inspection before delivery to the customer.  Directs customer questions about plant care to the Office Staff and provides contact information as needed.

Required Skills

  • Ability to lift/carry up to 25 lbs frequently.
  • Ability to sit and/or drive continuously.
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and current USDOT medical card.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection and maintenance, etc.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Equipment: Ability to drive.
  • 19 years of age or older.
  • Able to meet or exceed medical standards and successfully pass Non-DOT drug test.
  • Maintains a good driving record

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior non-CDL driving and delivery experience

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